The Company

MosaMedix B.V. builds on work from Prof. Dr. Reutelingsperger and his group at Maastricht University. In this research Annexin A5 was discovered and for the first time the utility of Annexin A5 for apoptosis research was explored and developed. This has led to many applications for detection of apoptosis with an assay that has become a world standard.

Design, construction and manufacture of new annexin-A5 derivatives are at the centre of development at MosaMedix. The derivatives are engineered to target diseased tissues with visual reporters or therapeutic payloads. The objective of MosaMedix is to realize translation of this technology into applications for monitoring and treating diseases, such as selected cancers, chronic inflammation and cardiovascular disease. The company has filed patent applications to protect interests in these fields.

For the Research Market the company has developed an in vivo Fluorescence Imaging application, which is now marketed worldwide by Perkin Elmer.