MosaMedix ATP: Annexin Technology Platform

ATP comprises a deep knowledge and expertise about Annexin A5, a 36 kD protein, and its structure/function relationship to bind selectively to cells executing cell death. MosaMedix ATP powers the generation of a wide range of diagnostic & therapeutic compounds combining the targeting function of annexin A5 with drugs or drug carriers or diagnostic agents. MosaMedix B.V. has filed patent applications for several engineered variants together with claims for potential diagnostic - and therapeutic uses in a wide range of serious medical conditions, such as cancers, cardiovascular- and autoimmune diseases.

MosaMedix owns patents on engineered Annexins that have unique properties which are highly desirable for imaging - and drug targeting applications. In 2012 patents have been granted to MosaMedix in major markets for Annexins specifically designed for the implementation of pre-targeting strategies. These patents with claims for the use in important disease areas, further strengthen our basis for continued development.